CoolGo™ Mini Cooling Fan

✔ Digital Speed And Battery Display Screen

✔ Essential Oil Aromatherapy Tablets

✔ Type-C Charging and Lanyard Ring

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Color: Pink

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Stay Cool, Anytime, Anywhere.

Why suffer the heat? Stay cool and comfortable with our powerful, rechargeable mini fan no matter where you are with adjustable wind speed feature, offering five different levels to suit your preference.

LED Display Screen

Long Battery Life

90 Degree Adjustable

Support Mobile Devices

Hanging Neck, Hand Held

Five Gear Wind Regulation

Indulge in Aromatherapy Bliss

CoolGo™ Portable Mini Fan with Essential Oil Aromatherapy Tablets! Immerse Yourself in Healthy, Fragrant Escapes Anywhere You Go! Simply Drop in Your Favorite Essential Oil and Let the Aroma Envelop You. With Every Whirl, Enjoy a Refreshing Fragrance That Fills Every Corner!


Unwind during leisurely afternoons with the gentle breeze of our portable fan, creating a relaxing atmosphere wherever you go.


Beat the heat and stay cool under the scorching sun at the beach with our mini fan, ensuring your comfort while you soak up the sun and enjoy the ocean breeze.


Stay comfortable and refreshed during outdoor outings with our portable fan, ensuring you beat the heat while enjoying your adventures.

Chill Out and Beat The Summer Heat

Experience portable coolness wherever you go with our ultra-mini fan. Cordless and hassle-free, it's rechargeable and delivers instant refreshing air at your fingertips.